It’s been a long time…

Yes – it has been a long time since my last post and for that I can only apologise!! The summer months have flown by with some good times and some dark moments as well. But maybe that is to be expected when you have six weeks living in a confined space with others who have their own plans for the holidays!!

So what have I created since my last post? I finished my fern series by carving a third Lino block and printing a small edition of these for my next exhibition in September/October.

So now that I have overcome my “bloggers'” block, I will attempt to post again every couple of days to get up to date on all my other new work!!



The development of an idea – ferns

My second fern print is now complete and I am even happier with the end result – the reduction process has yielded six double-layered prints which I am really pleased with.  The resulting block will also produce further editions of the final layer, if it proves to be popular.  I am hoping that these fern-inspired prints will be available for my next exhibition in September/October.  Further good news, is that a third design is also taking shape – I hope to be able to share more details about that one very soon!!  Jo Xx

2017-04-16 12.56.15-1
The first layer is carved away to produce the white areas of the print.  Everything else will be printed in the pale grey as I hand-press onto Japanese Shoji paper.
2017-04-21 16.17.43
The lino block is then further reduced, leaving just the detailed outline of the ferns.  This will appear darker than the background as I use my vintage book press to apply extra pressure for this layer.
2017-04-22 18.24.42
The final prints showing the single layer edition (in the foreground) and the double-layer version (at the back).

My happy coincidence

The wonderful thing about weaving is that I can take inspiration from the natural world and use it to produce hand woven textiles.

2017-04-15 11.59.28-2On a recent walk to a local nature reserve, I spotted a clearing in the trees with a small stream running past.  I took a photo as I loved the colours that I could see.  The reflections in the dark water were what really inspired me.

On returning home, I looked at my current weaving project and realised the similarity between the colours of the weave and the scene I had just captured in my photo.  How lovely it is to see nature in my weaving – a happy coincidence for me!!

2017-04-15 18.56.30-1

I hope you like it too!!

Jo  Xx


Fascination with Ferns

via Daily Prompt: Pleased

I am really pleased to be able to share a new print that has been taking shape over the past few days – stemming from an interest in ferns.  Since spotting some garden ferns slowly starting to unfurl, I have wanted to capture this in a print.

My first attempt, an etching in copper, did not really produce the effect I was looking for.  So I decided to return to lino and carve a new block – just 10cm square – and combine elements of several different ferns that I had photographed.

The joy of carving has again brought me happiness and I am so pleased to have produced two editions of four – one a reduction linocut with a background layer and the other just with the simple outline of the different ferns.

If you have time, please let me know what you think of the two prints.  Thank you.

Jo Xx

My first print and weave

Welcome to my blog and at last, I have completed my first print and weave which is ready to share!

2017-03-09 17.31.13

I have taken my “Bracken” collagraph print and turned into a greetings card (thanks to those clever people at Moo) and I have used the colours as inspiration for a woven panel.

I used a range of cotton yarn to create the woven panel in natural tones – it has a lovely soft feel and can be worn as a scarf – I am really happy with all the elements!

I hope that this will be the first of many print and weave creations and I would love to hear from you – please comment below to let me know what you think!

Jo  Xx